Stop! Before you hit that “Invite” button, ask yourself if you’ve done these 3 things

Bat-Hitting-BaseballStriking out with your “likes”? Are you perhaps inadvertently turning people off instead of getting them excited about what you’re doing?

Here’s an easy-peasy 1,2,3 checklist to see:

Strike One: Uh-oh, you didn’t attach a personal note to this individual letting them know why you invited them and how you think they might benefit or enjoy your page?

Let people know you aren’t randomly hitting strangers up for “likes” to pad your numbers. We all get hit up for likes on facebook daily. How do you get yours to stand out from the throng? By going the extra mile to be personal, warm and friendly.

If you’re hitting up other professional peers let them know what you’re after. Tell them you’d appreciate their feedback, or you’d love for them to keep you in mind if they have a client that isn’t in their niche. Tell them what your niche is up front. Don’t make them dig for it on your page.

Strike Two:  Oopsy, you didn’t you thank the last person you invited to like your page with a note of appreciation for the vote of confidence?

People are more likely to be engaged and keep you in mind if they get kudos and appreciation from you. We all love to be loved, so keep the love coming! Plus, it’s the nice thing to do. Don’t drop the ball after you get what you want. Keep the conversation going and show others just how generous you are.

Strike Three:  Eek, you didn’t offer to like their professional facebook page/ blog back? Or ask about their niche?

Have your primed the pump before you even sent the like? Did you talk to them and establish a relationship first?

If it’s a peer in your profession did you make sure to find out what their niche was so you could promote and refer clients to them? Did you ask about their professional page or blog so you could like it back? Don’t make yourself look like a freeloader only out for numero uno. Be a team player. If they scratch your back, show you’re willing to reciprocate.

If it’s a friend or family member when was the last time you actually called, had coffee or just chatted to catch up, no sales involved? Is it going to seem like you only show up when you want something? Ick! No one likes that, so take some time to talk with people before you hit them up, and ask what you can do for them.

The bottom line here:  before you can call in favors, you need people to owe you some favors. The only way you’ll get that is by keeping in touch and asking questions so you know what you can do for them!

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